What Can I do to Restore Norton 360 Backup Files ?

Antivirus is important undoubtedly as we all need protection for our devices and for that what can be better than the antivirus service?There are options available for it, Norton is one such that gives you the best in class service for it. Norton antivirus service is outstanding in terms of viral protection, but with that there are several technical errors too. The moment you get to see technical errors in Norton antivirus get connected with the experts at Norton Support Number UK and they will be ready with the solution that you are in need of.

Out of all technical errors,restoring Norton 360 backup files is one such that you can do easily by your own. Here is all you need to know:

  • Open the Norton 360 and then, select "Tasks".
  • Click on "Restore Files" and then, click on "Other" under the"Restore From" option. Then, select your on the CD drive and then, click on "OK".
  • Choose the files you need to restore the "file types" in list. Choose categories for restoring all files inside a category.
  • Select a particular category when you want to restore any definite types of files.
  • Choose the location, the place you want to restore that particular file under the "Restore to" option.
  • Click on "Change" option if you are willing to change the location from “Norton standard”.
  • Click on the option of "Restore Files" for starting the recovery process. Click on the option "Yes" if Norton asks you for overwriting a file.
  • Click on the option "OK" when you are done with the process.

This process will surely help you out with the needed solution and if despite of that you get any trouble in getting the work done, call experts at Norton Help Number UK and you will get the solution that you require for your concern technical error. There can be several more technical errors in this antivirus service and when ever you get to encounter such call the experts available at the help desk and the expert will help you in fixing that.

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